​Purpose Statement

Our work increases the visibility and strengthens the reputation of College of the Rockies. We do this by developing a brand strategy and comprehensive marketing and communications plan that supports our mission and vision.

Our ultimate purpose is clear — we inspire students to choose College of the Rockies!

Requesting Work of the Communications and Marketing Department

Note: All materials officially representing College of the Rockies must be designed and/or approved by the Marketing and Communications department. This includes all materials containing the college logo in any form, with the following exceptions: the creation and design of official course outlines, articulation agreements, College Policy documents, general correspondence, and material used within the classroom.

Graphic Design/Print Advertising Requests

The graphic design team is your partner in the creative process. Our design and marketing professionals collaborate with internal clients to design and purchase print for:

Logo requests
Digital Graphics for social media and other)
Premium items (T-shirts, stickers, pens, etc.)

Website and Social Media Requests

Our web team is here to help ensure our digital presence is accurate and up-to-date, and to assist you in promoting your programs and services through our web or social platforms. Services include:

Updates to existing web pages
Upcoming events to post to the College's Event Calendar
New web pages or sections
Paid advertising (i.e. Facebook, Google Ads)