Occupational Health & Safety Committee

Current Representatives

Co-Chair, ManagementMary Davies
Co-Chair, FacultyTim Haine
CUPESteve Bonham
CUPEKarl Walker
FacultyTim Ross
Management, New FacilitiesMark Peart
Faculty AlternateKaren Langan
Management AlternateCori Andrichuk
Faculty Alternate Trevor Beugeling

Terms of Reference


An Occupational Health & Safety Committee shall be established in accordance with the Workers’ Compensation Act, Section 125 and Regulations, to allow in-depth study of issues pertaining to the health and safety conditions within the College by a small group having expertise and/or representing those affected and/or those interested.

Role of the Committee

To make written recommendations to College Departments, and/or the College Planning Committee with respect to matters pertaining to health and safety conditions within the College as required by W.C.B. regulations.

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