Task Force Action Plan and Reports

Three-year Mandate (2022-25)

The Task Force is a body with a limited time-frame. As such, each year, the Task Force must present priorities for action and report its progress to the President. Subsequently, the Task Force must submit an annual update to the President and the College community.

Task Force Activities for AY 2022-23

The following is a brief overview of the President’s Equity, Diversity, Indigenization, Inclusion, and Belonging (EDIIB) Task Force and its initiatives over the first year of its 3-year term. It highlights the work of the Task Force in promoting a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion within the College of the Rockies (COTR). The Task Force was established under the guidance and leadership of the College President, recognizing the importance of addressing systemic barriers, advancing reconciliation, and embracing the richness of diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Task Force Convened:

The Task Force, consisting of relevant stakeholders, was successfully convened. Its members were selected based on their expertise and commitment to promoting EDIIB within the College.

Terms of Reference Established:

The Task Force established a Terms of Reference, providing a clear mandate and guidelines for their work. These terms outlined the purpose, objectives, and scope of the Task Force’s responsibilities.

Statement of Truth and Reconciliation:

The Task Force developed and released a Statement of Truth and Reconciliation. This statement recognizes the importance of acknowledging historical injustices towards Indigenous peoples and commits the College to promote healing, understanding, and meaningful inclusion of Indigenous knowledge and perspectives.

Statement of Inclusion:

A Statement of Inclusion was developed to foster an inclusive environment within the College. This statement affirms the College’s commitment to creating a welcoming and diverse community where all individuals feel respected, valued, and supported.

EDIIB Website Launch:

To enhance communication and promote transparency, the Task Force launched an EDIIB website. This platform will serve as a hub for sharing information, updates, resources, and opportunities related to EDIIB initiatives within the College.

Identify EDIIB Training Vendors:

One of the key priorities of the Task Force is to identify potential vendors who can provide EDIIB training to College staff. HRx was one vendor identified to provide practical solutions for organizational equity, diversity, and inclusion. This step aims to equip staff members with the necessary knowledge and skills to foster an inclusive and equitable campus environment.

In Spring 2023, the College brought in HRx to provide initial training for managers and staff.

Assess College Resources through a Diversity Asset Map:

The Task Force is actively engaged in conducting a comprehensive assessment of the College’s resources related to EDIIB. This assessment involves creating a diversity asset map to identify existing resources, strengths, and areas for improvement. The findings will inform future planning and allocation of resources.

Develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

In line with promoting accountability and progress, the Task Force is developing a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to guide and assess the College’s EDIIB efforts. These indicators will provide measurable benchmarks and metrics to track progress, identify gaps, and evaluate the effectiveness of implemented initiatives.

Priorities for 2023-24

  1. In consultation with campus and community, the Task Force will develop measurable goals for the Collegeā€™s EDIIB KPIs.
  2. The Task Force will build on the ongoing work of HRx and other professional development vendors.
  3. The Task Force will continue to engage with stakeholders on the ongoing work of the Student Experience Survey, the Employee Engagement Survey, and the Accessibility Committee.
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