Funding for Empowerment and Engagement

Resourcing Empowerment and Engagement
The Empowerment and Engagement Working Group will have a limited source of funds to distribute to different stakeholders at the College who seek support for their activities. The Working Group welcomes proposals for projects and/or programs outside of normal operating budget that will advance equity, Indigenization, diversity, inclusion, and/or belonging in one or more of the following areas:

  • Recruitment and retention
  • Sense of belonging by and for underrepresented students and staff
  • Truth and Reconciliation
  • Dialogue and civil discourse for social equity
  • Curricular/co-curricular collaborations
  • Integration of local/global diversity
  • Workplace Inclusion
  • Social Justice at the College and in the Community
  • Equity awareness and equity promoting practices
  • Students’ understanding of collaboration and inclusion
  • Faculty, student, and staff partnerships on an EDIIB initiative
  • Anti-racism, decolonization, and anti-white supremacy education
  • Other related topics

In 2023, the Empowerment and Engagement Working group will establish guidelines for funding requests.

  • What funding is available. For example, what is fundable, what amount of funds may be requested and how often, who is eligible for funding.
  • A funding proposal template.
  • Assessing proposals.
  • Dispersing funds.
  • Accountability for funding
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More information coming soon.