What is the Empowerment and Engagement Working Group?

A voluntary student and staff working group (or groups) aimed at supporting awareness and activities with a EDIIB focus. The Working Group seeks to empower the voices and celebrate the contributions of equity-deserving community members. In addition, the group creates awareness campaigns for campus community on a variety of EDIIB topics. ​This group reports to the Executive Director, Human Resources.

Responsibilities ​

  • Establish and revisit annually a Terms of Reference.
  • Annual call for participants for the group. ​
  • Regularly liaise with other stakeholders (Student Association, Student Groups, Regional Campuses, EDI community leaders) on subjects of mutual interest and concern. ​
  • Identify opportunities for fostering staff and student affinity groups. ​
  • As invited, work with appropriate parties on guidelines and procedures. ​
  • Establish annual calendar for celebrations/observations and working plan (Proposals for funding are received on an ongoing basis. E&E Working plan is due Sept 15). The working plan:  ​
  • Identify education opportunities for equity and inclusion. ​
  • Identify opportunities for funding celebrations and empowering equity-deserving student populations. ​
  • Create programming that differs from year to year, ensuring equity of representation. ​
  • Identify and allocate resources for celebrations and observations. ​
  • Annual review of programs, reflection, and debrief. This is submitted to the Executive Director of Human Resources. Unless otherwise noted, this annual review, reflection and debrief will be posted on the EDIIB webage.

2023 Goals ​

  1. Finalize a ToR for the E&E Group.
    • This includes guidelines for initiating calls for funding requests, reviewing proposals, and awarding funds for events and affiliate group activities.
    • This includes guidelines for self-review and requests for input from the College community
  2. Create a subcommittee to benchmark peer and aspirational schools on programming.
  3. Create a subcommittee on education, empowerment, and belonging activities funding requests.
  4. Report to the Executive Director of Human Resources by December 23, 2023